Max Wainewright


25 Scratch 3 Games
Make games with the lastest version of Scratch. Create mazes, road-crossing games, and two-player games that keep score. Add animations + sound effects.
Code:STEM Robots
Recreate the technology that lives in robots with code. Learn about sensors, create an on-screen robot arm game, program a virtual robot and much more!
Code:STEM Smart Homes
Learn about motion sensors, create burglar alarms for your computer that use sound and motion to detect intruders.
Code:STEM Transport
Discover how today's amazing inventions and technologies work while developing your coding skills. Code a self driving car, hoverboard and more.
Code:STEM Space Tech
Recreate the technology that lives in space technology with code. Learn about gravity, create a jetpack game, program a spaceship and much more!
How to Code 1
Book 1 introduces the basic principles of coding.
How to Code 2
Book 2 builds on basic coding and introduces loops and repetition.
How to Code 3
Book 3 takes showing more advanced techniques including selection, ('if' statements), and introduces Python.
How to Code 4
Book 4 develops coding techniques further introducing basic HTML and JavaScript.
How to Code Bindup
A collection of books 1-4 from the series "How to Code". Learn a variety of different coding techniques.
How to Code: The Grown-ups Guide
A guide for parents and teachers.
Design, Animate and Create with Computer Graphics
Learn how to design, animate and create incredible computer graphics.
20 Games to Create with Scratch
Learn how to code your very own computer games using Scratch software.
Code Your Own Space Adventure
Help Astronaut Kate save Planet Zyskinar! Learn to draw the characters, animate plot lines, and code games from the story.
Code Your Own Pirate Adventure
Become a Pirate and find the treasure! Learn to draw a pirate ship, create animations and code games from the story.
Code Your Own Jungle Adventure
Fearless Captain Maria's adventure is brought to life by encouraging readers to draw central characters, animate plot lines and create games.
Code Your Own Knight Adventure
Sir Percival's brilliant adventure is brought to life drawing characters, animate plot lines, and coding games.
I'm an Advanced Scratch Coder
The perfect book if you have mastered the basics of Scratch.
I'm a Python Programmer
Learn how code in Python. Make programs that ask questions, draw shapes, throw dice and even build you a clock.
I'm an HTML Web Page Builder
Learn HTML and build your own web pages, complete with fancy fonts, funky icons, videos and maps.
I'm an App Developer
Using free software App Inventor 2, discover how to design apps for gaming, drawing and more.
I'm a JavaScript Games Maker: The Basics
In this book, learn how to build 6 brilliant JavaScript games, from Bone Catcher to Rock Dodger.
I'm a JavaScript Games Maker: Advanced Coding
If you already know a bit about JavaScript, it's time to pick up the pace!